Brownsville, Texas, United States
Record Shore Approach Direct Pipe Installation

Using the Direct Pipe method, a 4,900-foot-long, 42-inch-diameter steel pipe was seamlessly installed, creating a crucial link for a natural gas transmission pipeline.

Setting Records Below Sea Level

First North American shore approach Direct Pipe installation sets a record.

The successful execution of the Valley Crossing Pipeline was largely dependent on the installation of a 42-inch-diameter pipeline using Direct Pipe method, which set a world record for the largest Direct Pipe installation in 2018. Two pipe thrusters were deployed to the launch site as initial estimates indicated that the potential thrust loads were beyond the capacity of a single pipe thruster. However, during the tunneling process, a nearly neutrally buoyant pipe was utilized to reduce the thrust forces. As a result, only a single pipe thruster was used. Once the tunneling phase was completed, an additional 1,350 feet of steel pipe was thrust onto the ocean floor to facilitate tie-in operations.


The project not only set a world record for the largest Direct Pipe installation in 2018 but also demonstrated exceptional engineering and execution. Additionally, this project was awarded Project of the Year by Trenchless Technology Magazine.

  • 42-inch-diameter, 1.25-inch wall thickness steel pipe.
  • 4,900 feet of tunneling with 1,350 feet of additional offshore pipe thrust onto the ocean floor. 
  • Marine support only required for recovery of the MTBM after installation was completed.
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