Laney Culture

We drill deep into the safety, sustainability, and success we aspire to achieve. We prioritize the well-being of our employees, both at work and home.

Safety Initiatives

Our commitment to safety is rooted in our devotion to people. We enhance trust in our workforce by proactively identifying risks and potential injuries through continual assessments and having fully thought-through mitigation plans.

Laney Values

Our values encompass trust, accountability, transparency, and much more. We commit to upholding these values, ensuring we treat everyone and everything with respect.

Work Culture

We are a family-oriented company that fosters a positive work culture, invests in our employees' future, and develops individuals with personal and professional growth.

Laney provides an inclusive, engaging, collaborative, and trusting work environment for all their employees.

In all of my career, this is the best work environment I have ever worked in.”

—  Matthew Brubaker, Sr. Accountant
Meet Our Team
Media Highlights
  • Announcement
    Thirty Five Years of Laney Directional Drilling

    Laney is commemorating its 35th year in the trenchless industry.

  • Direct Pipe
    Benefits of the Direct Pipe Method

    In May 2018, Laney completed a world-record Direct Pipe installation in Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas.

  • HDD
    An Overview of Horizontal Directional Drilling and the Direct Pipe Method

    Dive deeper into what the Horizontal Directional Drilling and the Direct Pipe® method are all about.

  • Announcement
    Tiger Finance Provides $13.75 Million Credit Facility To Laney Directional Drilling

    Tiger Finance has closed on a $13.75 million term loan for Waller, Texas-based Laney Directional Drilling.

  • Direct Pipe
    Direct pipe is no Panacea, but it could be the right solution

    Direct Pipe is not a panacea or a solution for every site or site condition; however, it could be the right solution for many projects.

  • Direct Pipe
    Laney’s Direct Pipe® Method Sets World Length Record With Valley Crossing Project

    Laney Directional Drilling set a world record for the longest successful Direct Pipe® installation to date globally.

  • Corporate
    Laney Group Names New President

    The board of Laney Group, Inc. (“Laney” or the “Company”) is excited to announce the promotion of Rahul Mangire as President.