Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Laney strives to provide a safe workplace that is free from hazards to protect our employees, customers, the community, and environment.  Laney’s commitment to safety follows these principles:

  • All injuries and incidents are preventable.
  • Our health, safety and environmental program requires the participation of all employees, in order to promote safety and environmental awareness and prevent all incidents, injuries, and illnesses to our employees, customers and the community.
  • Every employee is empowered to stop any unsafe act and will be supported in their decision by company management.
  • Productivity in the absence of safety will not be rewarded.
  • A key driver of our business is the protection of the environmentally sensitive areas in which we work. We will strive to minimize the environmental impact.
  • Zero will always be the goal – zero incidents, injuries, illnesses and zero damage to property, equipment and the environment.