Tiger Finance Provides $13.75 Million Credit Facility to Laney Directional Drilling

Capital infusion enables Waller, Texas-based construction and engineering leader to refinance its existing credit facility and support continued growth. NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tiger Finance has closed on a $13.75 million term loan for Waller, Texas-based Laney Directional Drilling—a full-service trenchless construction and engineering firm known for its highly complex drilling operations on major infrastructure projects. Bob DeAngelis: “Laney … Read more

Direct Pipe Is No Panacea, but it Could be the Right Solution

Published by Andrew E. Sparks, P.E., director of engineering and Robert D. Hotz II, P.E., is vice president-commercial at Laney Directional Drilling Direct Pipe was developed to provide another tool in the toolbox of trenchless pipeline installation industry. It was not intended to replace horizontal directional drilling (HDD), but as an alternative installation method for … Read more

Laney’s Direct Pipe® Method Sets World Length Record with Valley Crossing Project

Laney Directional Drilling recently completed its 11th successful Direct Pipe® project — the Valley Crossing Project — and set a new world record for the longest successful Direct Pipe® installation to date globally. The project included a shore approach execution into the Gulf of Mexico from Cameron County, Texas. The total measured distance of the 42-inch diameter … Read more

An Overview of Horizontal Directional Drilling and the Direct Pipe Method

People familiar with traditional aspects of the oil and gas industry and laypeople who know nothing about how oil, gas, power, telecommunications, water and other such materials are transported from one point to another often ask what Horizontal Directional Drilling and the Direct Pipe® method are all about. The information included in this blog post will hopefully demystify these … Read more

Benefits of the Direct Pipe Method

As a global Horizontal Directional Drilling company specializing in trenchless construction and engineering, Laney is not only one of the most experienced and competent HDD providers for large diameter pipelines, but also a leading Direct Pipe® contractor in the United States. In fact, in May 2018, Laney completed a world-record Direct Pipe installation in Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas, with … Read more

Laney Group names new President

Rahul Mangire promoted to President of Laney Group, Inc. HOUSTON (PRWEB) January 21, 2021 The board of Laney Group, Inc. (“Laney” or the “Company”) is excited to announce the promotion of Rahul Mangire as President. Mr. Mangire joined Laney to serve as Chief Administrative Officer in February 2019. Mr. Mangire brings over twenty (20) years … Read more

Laney Group, Inc. Names Paul Butero as Chief Executive Officer

Long-time chairman assumes active leadership role in completing Company’s strategic transformation HOUSTON (PRWEB) MAY 11, 2020 The board of Laney Group, Inc. (“Laney” or the “Company”) is excited to announce the appointment of Paul Butero as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Butero has been a board member since October 2015 and will continue to serve as … Read more

Thirty Years of Laney Directional Drilling

As Laney Directional Drilling enters its 30th year of operation in 2019, let’s take a look back at the company’s history, accomplishments and most notable projects to date. Our namesake, J.M. “Doc” Laney, entered the construction industry in 1947 with the establishment of the Texas Road Boring Company. Doc was joined by his three sons … Read more