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Laney Directional Drilling
2010 - Ft. Worth
2009 - Beaumont, Texas
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Laney Directional Drilling Co.
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831 Crossbridge Dr.
Spring, Texas 77373

Focused on Directional Drilling
As the years have progressed, so has Laney Drilling’s focus on the future, and the important changes that have come about in the HDD industry. With the advent of more sophisticated software to provide even more accurate drills, Laney is one of the leaders in the field of Directional Drilling and is sought out by contractors and owners worldwide. Our focus on the longer and more difficult drills of larger diameter pipe has brought Laney Drilling to the forefront of the industry. Our customers know we are a contractor that can get the job done. Directional Drilling is all we do.
There is No Substitue for Experience
For more than twenty years and 2,000-plus directionally drilled crossings completed, Laney’s experience speaks for itself. Pipeline contractors know they can depend on Laney to complete the job on time and with an installation of engineered integrity, that will last a lifetime.

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