What We Do

Specializing in trenchless technology, Laney Directional Drilling Co. (“Laney”) is a leading global Horizontal Directional Drilling (“HDD”) company. Our offerings are Engineering Services, large and modern fleet of custom-built, high-capacity rigs, mud cleaning systems, and related support equipments that enables Laney to complete pipeline crossings of virtually any diameter in a wide variety of conditions.


Licensed in 25 states, we can provide trenchless engineering on any feasibility/ constructability issues that may influence a pipeline crossing design.

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We presently operate 17 rigs capable of completing large and small projects with pipe sizes up to 60 inches in diameter and HDD lengths over 15,000 ft.

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Road Boring

We offer cased or uncased road boring services to complete any project up to 60" by means of pipe ramming, guided pilot boring, dry boring or wet boring.

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Direct Pipe ®

Direct Pipe® installation capabilities up to 4,500 feet for 30” through 60” steel pipe as well as pull-back assists and pipe extraction capabilities.

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